Nail Bonder (Liters)
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Nail Bonder (Liters)

The Nail Bonder for sculpted nails is consecrated as an irreplaceable essential in the field of professional manicure. This innovative product transcends the basic function of a primer by drying the nails in depth, establishing an optimal base for any type of work. Its unique formula not only effectively prepares the nail, but also significantly improves the adhesion of enamel, gel or acrylic, ensuring exceptional durability and an impeccable appearance. Indispensable in the arsenal of any enthusiast or professional beauty, the Nail Bonder stands out by ensuring superior quality finishes, keeping the manicures vibrant and resistant for longer.

Its intuitive application and reliable results consolidate it as a true pillar to achieve professional-grade aesthetic results, revolutionizing the process of nail beautification and raising the standard of sculpted manicures.

  1. Nail preparation: Before applying the Nail Bonder, it is crucial to make sure that the nails are clean, dry and free of any previous oil or nail polish residue. You can use a nail cleaner or isopropyl alcohol to degrease the nail surface completely.
  2. Applying Nail Bonder: Once the nails are ready, apply a thin layer of Nail Bonder directly on the natural nail. It is important to cover the entire surface of the nail, but without saturating. The key is a thin, even layer that does not touch the cuticle or skin around the nail to avoid irritation.
  3. Drying: What truly distinguishes our Nail Bonder is its ability to air dry, eliminating the need for UV or LED lamps. This not only makes the process more accessible but also faster and safer. Allow the bonder to dry completely in the air for the recommended time, which usually takes a few minutes.

Application of enamel or acrylic: After the Nail Bonder has completely dried or cured, you can proceed with the application of your enamel in gel, acrylic, or any other manicure product. The Bonder will act as a bridge between the natural nail and the applied product, ensuring greater adhesion and durability.

Completion: Once you have applied and dried your enamel or acrylic, you can continue with any additional step such as top coat application or decorations as you wish.