Ultra Bond with Vitamins (Liters)
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Ultra Bond with Vitamins (Liters)

The Ultra Bond with Vitamins is an advanced version of the traditional Ultra Bond, designed not only to improve the adhesion of sculpted nails, but also to nourish and strengthen the natural nail thanks to its vitamin content. This product incorporates essential vitamins that promote the health and well-being of the nails, making them less prone to break or damage during the sculpting process. Like the regular Ultra Bond, it is applied after the preparation of the nail and before the gel base, adding a protective layer that benefits the long-term nail health.

  1. Nail Preparation: Cleans and dehydrates the natural nail to remove any residue or oil.
  2. Application of Ultra Bond with Vitamins: Apply a thin layer of Ultra Bond with vitamins on the natural nail. This product not only improves the adhesion of the sculpted material but also nourishes the nail with its vitamins.
  3. Drying: Some products require air drying while others may need to be cured under UV or LED lamp according to product specific instructions.
  4. Continue with the Manicure: Once dry, proceed with the application of the gel base followed by acrylic or gel.

This process ensures that sculpted nails have optimal adhesion while receiving a nutritious treatment, promoting stronger and healthier nails.