About us

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

No, this is not a Nails World quote, it is from the great genius, Steve Jobs, and we bear it very much in mind. In Nails World, we love what we do, and we love our work. We are a team of workers that love what we do. Since our first clients, we have tried to do a great work, advising from the election of the product to the creation of the brand. Achieving the success is not easy but if you love what you do, we will be closer to get it.

We are a young company, but with a experience of more than 15 years in the sector. Innovators and professionals, in Nails World we are wholesalers on esculptured nails professional products. We are a Spanish company and all of our manufacturing is made in EU, in the facilities of our partner laboratory.

We are not generalists and we only work with sculptured nails, being our main strong point the extensive experience we have in the sector. We translate all the strength of this experience in our products and we provide all of its value to our customers.

We are highly specialised in sculptured nails, not only by the formulation process and the manufacturing of the product but also in its market. We know in Depth the consumer habits and his tendency in the consumption. We sum the value of our wide experience with the quality and innovation of our products.

Innovation, Experience and Love for what we do, they are the fundamental pillars of Nails World. We are looking forward to hear your proposal and launch together your brand to success.

Choose Sculptured Nails. Choose Nails World.