MSDS – Material safety data sheet 

What is it? 

In the European Union’s countries, as well as in many other countries, these data sheets must be provided by the supplier, importer and manufacturer of dangerous substances, dangerous preparations or mixtures and preparations/mixtures containing dangerous substances beyond certain limits of concentration. Frequently, safety data sheets for chemicals, mixtures and non-hazardous products are also prepared on a voluntary basis to inform the product’s purchaser of certain properties. 

In general, the safety data sheets are used for the transfer of information within the supply chain (Transport) according to REACH. The private end user is not part of this chain. Therefore, only industrial and commercial users are entitled to the safety data sheet. 

The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is only valid if the same supplier, importer or manufacturer that is included in the labeling of the goods. Example: You buy products from us and receive our MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet but in the labeling you can find your brand, company, etc. In this case it has no validity. 

You should obtain your own MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet so that the same supplier can appear as in the labeling of the merchandise.  

How can I obtain my own MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet? 

Nails World offers the complete service to obtain your own Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Important: The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) should always be updated. For more information contact your commercial.  

Price List 

Our Safety Data Sheets are always updated. Important, the data sheets must also be in the language of the country where we sell the products. Example: If you sell from Spain to France, it is your obligation to deliver the Material Safety Data Sheet in the French language, in case the client requests it. 

Our Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available in several languages. In this way you can sell the products in several countries. 


  • Spain: € 39 + VAT
  • Portuguese: € 49 + VAT
  • France: € 49 + VAT
  • Italian: € 49 + VAT
  • English: € 49 + VAT
  • German: € 49 + VAT
  • Greek: € 49 + VAT